Motive AV

Private Party Planner | Audio Visual Production | Talent Buyer | Event Organizer


Motive AV is quickly becoming a top notch private party planner and event organizer. We plan and execute the production of our events so each of our clients have a unique experience.


In the security of your own space, Motive AV gives a whole new meaning to privacy for you and your guests. With our audio visual production experience we are able to provide you a private event with a variety of activities.


Music talent, live performers and artists. We understand a variety of viewing talent is needed for the ultimate home concert experience.

Securing Your Motive

Motive AV is an audio visual company that brings the concert experience to your private party.

Experienced technicians and talent buyers make your private event planning easier.

It is a home concert experience happening in your private location.

Motive AV strives to book one of your favorite artists.

A variety of live performers and artists give your guests a variety of acts to see.


private events with edm house music in washington dc at motive av