Active Speakers vs Passive Speakers: Do you know the difference?

Active Speakers vs Passive Speakers: Learn the Difference

All speakers are either Active or Passive. Here you can learn the difference between Active and Passive Speakers.

what is the difference between active speakers and passive speakers

Active Speakers

What are active speakers?
Active Speakers have built in amplifiers and can be plugged into the mixer. Active speakers also need to be plugged into the wall for power.

What are active speakers good for?
Active Speaker set ups are easily portable, typically easier to set up since the amplifier is built in. Active Speakers are great for wedding DJs, Karoke and events.

Passive Speakers

What are passive speakers?
Passive Speakers do not have built in amplifiers and are powered by an external amplifier.

What are passive speakers good for?
Passive speakers are good for permanent installations such as venues and home theaters. Passive speakers can also be the lighter option if you are hanging the sound system in the air because the amplifier is not inside the speaker.

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