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learn how to edit website browser tab titles for good seo

How to Edit Browser Tab Titles for Seo – Learn Seo

What should you include in a good Seo browser tab title?

Place the business name, or website name, in all the browser tab titles. Then also include your unique page title in the browser tab titles. The page title describes the content or purpose of the page. 


What is Seo? – Motive AV

Organic Blueberry Jams – Shannon’s Berry Farm

The Best Books and Coffee on the Boardwalk – Local Coffee Shop Name

Services – Personal Injury Attorneys

5 Ways to Save For a Home – A Consumer Resource

Yo Gal Motive AV Tip:

Are you a business trying to target a local area? Include that local area in the description on your browser tab title.


Wedding Band Group Name – Wedding Band in Chicago, Illinois

Cosmetic Dentistry – Your Dentist Office in New York City, New York

*Some website builders tools automatically create your browser tab title. For example the website builder tool WordPress automatically puts the unique page title with the title of the website.

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