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How to Edit Header Tags for Seo – Learn Seo

learn to edit website header tags for good seo

How to Edit Header Tags for Seo – Learn Seo

What are header tags?

A header tag is a code snippet that typically specifies certain text on your website is a title. Header tag can also be used to make certain text stand out and appear to be more important than other paragraph text on your website.

What does a header tag look like in code?

<h1>Header Style 1 Text Here</h1>

<h2>Header Style 2 Text Here</h2>

Web designers can program css files to identify multiple different styles of headers. The font, size, text color and other text attributes can be unique for each header.

How to write headers for good Seo?

Incorporate key search terms you are targeting in your headers. You can also include your business name, location and identifiers that make your business unique compared to competitors.

Why are headers important for good Seo?

Search engines do not have time to read all the information on websites. So there fore search engines target specific code elements to help identify what websites are about. Headers are one of those specific code elements.

Yo Gal Tip*

It is okay to have more than one header on a web page. Having to many headers that are vastly different from each other can weaken your Seo strategy.

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