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How to Edit Hyperlinks for Seo – Learn Seo

learn how to edit hyperlinks on your website for good seo

How to Edit Hyperlinks for Seo – Learn Seo

Why hyperlinks and Seo?

Hyperlinks are objects on web pages that link to other related, or unrelated, web files. Having key terms hyperlinked on your web pages can improve seo and increase search engine ranking. Images can also be hyperlinked to other web pages.

How to choose words to hyperlink for good Seo?

Hyperlink words and phrases that are related to, or the same as, the search terms you are targeting. Also try hyperlinking images with good seo image titles to other web pages.

What web pages should your website be hyperlinking too for good seo?

Hyperlink to your own website by using deep links. This makes your website more connected and solid. Do not deep link to a lot of web sites that are not yours. If hyperlinking to another website, just hyperlink to the home page.

Yo Gal Tip*

You may lose visitors and website traffic if you hyperlink to other websites. The more original content you have on your own site the better.

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