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How to Edit Image Titles for Seo – Learn Seo

learn how to edit image titles for good seo

What is the most important thing to know about editing image titles for good Seo?

Edit the image file name on your computer before uploading to any website management system or website code!!

How do you edit the image file name on a computer?

  1. Find the image on your computer.
  2. Right click to bring up the menu options.
  3. Click rename.
  4. Rename the image title to be more Seo friendly

How to write good Seo image titles?

  • always use lower case
  • no spaces, no special characters
  • use hypens – , or underscores _ to act as spaces
  • incorporate what you do, your business name and targeted location in your image titles

Examples of image titles that are good for Seo





How does good image titles make your website Seo better?

The image title is how search engines will find your image on the web. So imagine you have a yoga studio with an image on your website titled:


A potential customer starts searching for beginners yoga classes in northern California on Google. The image beginnersyogaclasses-northerncalifornia on your website would be ranked high. 

A high image ranking in the Google image results improves your overall ranking in the Google search results for beginners yoga classes in northern California.

What to do after you edit the image title for good Seo?

The image is now ready to be added to the code of the website. Or if you are you a website management system like WordPress, the image is now ready to be uploaded to your websites media folder.

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