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learn how to edit website page titles for good seo

How to Edit Page Titles for Seo – Learn Seo

What is an example of good Seo page titles?

When creating a website page title that is good for Seo try to answer the question What? What is the page about? What type of content on the page? If your web page could only be indexed by one search term phrase, what would it be? Creating a page title with those questions in mind will help you create a page title with good seo.

Bolded below are examples of what good page title look like inside a browser tab:

What is Seo? – Motive Av

Local Bookstore – The Best Books and Hangout on the Broad walk

Medical Facility – Should You Get A Flu Shot?

MotiveAv Tip:

Are you a business trying to target a local area? Include that local area in the description on your home page title.

Gxxks Labs – Mastering and Audio Studio in Ohio

Wedding Band Group Name – Booking for a Wedding Band in Chicago, Illinois

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