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How to Edit Website URLs for Seo – Learn Seo

learn how to edit website urls for good seo

How to Edit Website URLs for Seo – Learn Seo

What is a Website URL?

A website URL is the location of a specific web page on the internet. A website URL is made up of a domain name and the remaining URL is a unique identifier for the web page. All web pages have different URLs but may start with the same domain.

Domain names are used in URLs to identify a particular group of web pages as one.

URL stands for Universe Resource Locator.

How to write website URLs for good Seo?

For easy Seo, make the URL of a web page the same or similar to its’ page title. You can omit little words like articles and pronouns when the title is really long.

No special characters.

Use hyphens as spaces.

Yo Gal Tip*

Are you trying to target a local area with your website Seo? Add the city and state to the end of short URLs. This will help build your websites ranking in local search results.

What is an example of a website URL with good Seo?

Page title: Seo For Beginners on Motive AV


Page title: Sign Up For a New Gym Membership Today


Page Title: 5 Ways To Reduce Your Credit Card Debt


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